Backup Manager
Seamlessly Backup your Data with Complete Protection And Privacy
Enabling companies and users to maintain an off-site cloud backup of their databases, VMs, NAS and files, TransferChain Backup Manager integrates privacy with disaster recovery.
Why TransferChain
Decentralize Your Precious Enterprise Backups
Unlike conventional solutions that store precious backups in centralized data centers, with TransferChain backups are encrypted, split into pieces, and distributed across a decentralized network.
From a single interface, ensure data availability and Data Protection across your cloud and on-premises platforms
All-in-one backup manager protects all workloads - built for enterprises

TransferChain’s security and privacy provide unmatched protection for businesses of all size - while reducing the complexity to increase productivity and efficiency.

Combine all of that, and businesses can reduce their costs significantly.

A private place for all your Backups, accessible anywhere, anytime.
Embrace the full potential of powerful technologies such as blockchain, cryptography and distributed cloud from one platform.
Defend Against
Don’t let ransomware consume your backups. TransferChain offers the only backup solution that is immutable and secure by design.
One solution for any infrastructure — TransferChain safeguards data across physical, virtual, cloud, and mobile environments.
Replace hundreds or thousands of backup jobs with just a few policies that can be applied across all your workloads.
Restore an entire system to new, dissimilar hardware in just a few clicks. Our technology ensures easy system migration between physical and virtual platforms.
Increase productivity by freeing up your team and costs
Initiate and monitor secure backups, minimize operational complexity, and create role-based access controls, all while reducing your team’s workload and system costs.
Getting set up with TransferChain is easy. Easy to use, intuitive user interfaces will allow your company to become more efficient with their day-to-day operations.
Multiple admin roles ensure uninterrupted surveillance of all data sites such as remote offices, branch offices, and departments.
Get full insights into infrastructure utilization using the intuitive, web-based management console. Even IT generalists can perform backup tasks with minimal involvement.
Comprehensive data protection has never been so effortless or cost-effective. Save time and energy with efficient, scalable, and easy to learn tools.
Core Features
Any data stored on TransferChain Backup Manager, cannot be accessed by anyone but the sole owner at your company.
Protect your sensitive data within the cloud using combinations of various encryption methods and distributed architecture.
All user access and file sharing activities are kept unaltered and indelible, maintaining a transparent and verifiable history of information and logs.
Through it's distributed cloud architecture, TransferChain can ensure unparallel availability benefits to its users.
One Platform Protects It All

TransferChain Backup Manager ensures data availability, security and privacy across multiple databases, file systems, VMs, containers, applications, cloud-native SaaS and endpoints.

It delivers backup, replication, and disaster recovery across both on-prem and cloud environments.

BackupAutomate Backup Jobs

TransferChain wipes out management complexity with just a few clicks. Create job schedules in a matter of seconds for your desired backup frequency and retention.

You can orchestrate these service level agreements (SLAs) across the entire data lifecycle with TransferChain.

Next Generation Backup
Take your cybersecurity to next level by backing up your data to TransferChain Backup Manager.
Frequently Asked Questions