For the first time,
Store and Transfer
TransferChain enables users to store, process and share their data while ensuring its privacy and security.
Our Approach
TransferChain combines powerful, cutting edge technologies such as the cloud, blockchain and cryptography to deliver the first all-in-one cloud storage solution for both businesses and consumers.
Since all uploaded data is broken into chunks, encrypted and distributed across the network, deciphering any exposed data would require almost limitless time and resources.
Our Benefits
TransferChain enables users to transfer and store client-side encrypted data on a decentralized network.
Any data stored or shared through TransferChain cannot be accessed by anyone but the sole owner.
Protect your sensitive data within the cloud using combinations of various encryption methods.
Our hybrid blockchain platform has access latency figures parallel to conventional cloud storage solutions.
Each participant within the network produces real added value to healthy block production and transitional decentralization.
All user access and file sharing activities are kept unaltered and indelible, maintaining a transparent and verifiable history of information.
Our Applications
Desktop App
A Cloud For All Your Files That Is Invisible To Everyone But You.
TransferChain makes privacy simple. It’s a decentralized cross-platform software that brings distributed cloud storage, file transfer, and encrypted messaging together.
All files and messages you send via TransferChain are invisible to everyone except you and the recipient.
Backup Manager
Seamlessly Backup Your Data With Complete Protection And Privacy
Enabling companies and users to maintain an off-site cloud backup of their databases, VMs, and local disks, TransferChain Backup (‘TCB’) integrates privacy with disaster recovery.
TransferChain’s unique architecture also functions as TCB’s foundation. All data is encrypted on the client-side, split and distributed across nodes, allowing TCB to offer unparalleled safety and privacy.
Frequently Asked Questions