Your data our priority,
just the way it should be.
Ensuring your data's protection and integrity in an increasingly uncertain digital world.
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As a Swiss company, TransferChain is
safeguarded by some of the strongest privacy regulations
in the world.
TransferChain ensures your data remains safe, private, and solely yours.
Don’t risk losing your valuable data to cyber threats
Client-side + E2E encryption
Data gets encrypted on the user’s client machine on top of E2EE before it gets split and distributed - providing highest security.
Blockchain authorization
All of the encrypted metadata are kept unaltered and indelible and only authorized through the blockchain network.
Distributed multi-cloud
Your data gets split into smaller pieces in your client device after its encrypted, then scatters them to the world’s safest cloud providers.
Maintain complete confidentiality of your data - your files or passwords are never transmitted or stored in unencrypted or readable format.
Data residency
Regulations can require that data be stored within the region they govern. TransferChain offers you options to set up data residency.
Regulatory compliance
Designed to protect the personal data you handle through encryption and access controls - especially with increasingly strict regulations.
Empower your business with secure solutions
Streamline operations and enhance security with the password manager, featuring audit trails, role-based controls, and secure sharing.

Explore other secure solutions
TransferChain Send
Effortlessly send files to anyone while ensuring true security and privacy, with features like security controls, access limits, and expiration dates.
TransferChain Outlook add-in
Allows you to share large or sensitive files without compromising security and leaving your Outlook - instead by using a simple yet secure TransferChain link.
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