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Regardless of your industry, your most vital asset is your data. TransferChain Drive enables you to store and share your content while ensuring privacy and security.
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TransferChain Drive

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Data privacy

Any data stored or shared through TransferChain cannot be accessed by anyone but the sole owner.

Data security

All of your data goes through client-side end-to-end encryption, split into chunks and distributed to the safest data centers.
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Approved Product

Approved and certified

As a Swiss company, TransferChain is protected by world-class privacy laws, as well as GDPR & ISO certified.

Secure your valuable data with TransferChain Drive

Secure File Storage & Sharing

Protect your sensitive information with decentralized storage.

Whether you’re at the office, on the go, or at home, reach your data whenever and wherever you need it.
Spaces give you simple control over structured content of files and folders, making it easy to manage access permissions and maintain control of your content within your organization.
Expand your storage space effortlessly as your business requirements grow.

Secure File Transfers

Fast and simple, yet secure and private.

TransferChain allows you to safely and privately transfer photos, videos, personal and professional documents with just a few clicks.
Set controls - like expiration dates or download limits per file - for your file transfers, ensuring your data’s security at the access level you desire.
Easily transfer your files via TransferChain where they remain invisible to everyone except you and the recipients.

Secure File Request

Securely collect content from anyone.

Collect files from anyone, regardless of whether they have a TransferChain account, in a secure environment.
You can enable email verification to ensure that only authorized individuals can submit files.

Private messaging

Keep your conversations truly private.

Whether you’re discussing business matters or sharing personal information, take control of your privacy. Communicate with peace of mind knowing that your messages are invisible to anyone but you and the intended recipients.

Seamless And Secure Team Management

Empower your team and user administration with robust enterprise-level capabilities and management controls, such as data residency options, SIEM, and Active Directory integrations. TransferChain’s Admin panel keeps your workflow efficient.
TransferChain Securely Collect
Gain valuable insights
Gain valuable insights
Monitor key metrics, including data storage utilization, data transfer volumes encompassing both uploads and downloads, as well as system usage.
Manage your account
Create security policies
Assign different roles and security policies tailored to your organization's needs, and manage them with simplicity.
Track your data
Track user activities
Keep a detailed record of the audit logs within your organization including user logins, deletions, changes to system settings and more.
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